People danced all around me. from that Brooklyn rooftop i could see the river and Manhattan. all around me the others danced a strange dance i had never seen before. i dodged these dancers as i remained by the edge of the roof.

on some unheard que the music and the dancers stopped. with unseeing eyes they rushed me and threw me of the roof. as i fell in the darkness i saw their empty faces watch me.

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Train to no where

I rested my head against the window, a city rolled by as I dozed off. When I awoke their where huge brown fields out the window and snow streaked by. After another bout of sleeping it still snowed but i outside the window a city met the ocean as we crossed a bridge.

The station i arrived at was small. It looked like a small town post office, above the ticket counter only four trains where on the board. I sat patiently and waited.

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Ex Horror

I fell asleep on the train to work and dreamed;

She wore a red college hoodie with the hood pulled up. Her head down I could not see her face.  Slowly she lifted her head.

Her flesh was dead and white, her eyes where vacant and dead. She opened a yellow fang filled mouth and screeched as she came after me.  Her white hands sported long talon like nails that ripped at me.

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It was dark and we were on a ridge. To my right voices of raiders could be heard. I fell to the ground like a soldier to avoid detection. I stayed still as the threatening voices could be heard.

Suddenly fireworks burst in the sky and I could see the entire ridge. To my right was a forest that the voices had come from. All over the rest of the ridge figures were suspended in air. they were dressed in robes and they watched the fireworks that where being shot of from a castle.

We stood up, not fearing these floating figures; we walked among them to watch the fireworks. the flashes of light reflected of their emotionless faces. When the fireworks ended they floated away and the raiders stood on the ridge clutching swords.

In a flash of light the floating figures returned and one garbed each raiders arm. They then joined a parade going down the ridge to the castle.

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” i can get you a Marketing job back in Mass if you want” the message read.

We had broken up a month ago. sense then all i had heard from her where nasty messages. i did not want to hear form her after her last one about how was incapable of love.

“Not im not interested” i messaged back, and went back to sleep.

in my dream inside the dream i was walking on the campus. the buildings and people seamed like ghosts, their but not aware of me.  as i walked the buildings and people faded as i walked past them to mist.

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The kid at the window

Through his eyes he saw the world slip into a disk of oblivion, a dark conspiracy come true.  He floated in space as all was lost.

They just saw a strange kid, staring out the window at the rain, lost in his own over active mind. Treading back and forth as they watched wondering what was happening inside his head. We had been so many places. Restless and loving movement, our fantasy’s raced.

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Space Ship EMT’s

i ran out of the ships elevator into the passenger area at full speed pulling the stretcher behind me. My partner held the back end as we moved around the corner quickly running at the screams for medics.

people moved aside when we came, on the ground was a young boy in the early stages of puberty, blue foam spewed from his mouth. holding him was his mother, she screamed as, she grips her sons shoulders shaking them. their was horror in her voice at the idea of her son being  the next victim of kids chasing a high.

I garbed a pre-loaded injector out of the jump bag and and stuck it into the boys arm. in a matter of seconds the boy began convulsing and coughing up foam  my partner puts a nasal cannula on him with concentrated oxygen flowing out of it. as we lifted him onto the stretcher his eyes opened and he looked at me with hate, as i had ruined his minds journey among the stars.

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Motercycleing around the world

i dreamed i crashed a motorcycle in a plaza in Italy. The bike slid out from under me as i took a fast turn. just like the crash i got into in high school, i slid along the pavement unharmed. leaping up to avoid getting hit by a car i stood in the plaza, alive, but bleeding with torn jeans.

The sport bike i crashed was in worse shape. the shifter was broken and the bike was not going anyware untill i fixed it. so i picked up the bike and started whelling it along looking for  a house in a city i had never been to in a city i had never been too

In India i darted in and out of the traffic. i was going to the country side where i hoped i could open the bike up. the bike is used and i fell like i became a mechanic sense buying it for cheep.   i dodged a last taxi then the open road stretched out in front of me. i had been unable to open the bike up sense buying it so i left no time to gun it on the highway north.

i sat with my dad watching a program about a small motorcycle company. the CEO of the company stood with a bike on a steel plank up high on a ship. he stood with a black bike and talked to some of the men up their. then in the next shot it was a blue bike and he gunned it down the plank. the front wheel raised up, then the bike flew of the plank, sailed into the air and then hit the water.

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What have i lost

i needed, to move fast. i had found my cloths, but i knew their was some peice of gear i was missing. something vital. i tour apart the bins at the bottom of the stairs searching for whatever it was. as i trew stuff behind me my girlfreind walked in and sat at the kitchen table.

” whats with the mess” she asked looking at the the equipment on the table, it was enough to fight a small battle, or climb a large mountain, or sneak into a secure compound  do field surgery or so many other things.

” i got to find,” i stopped their not knowing what was missing ” then i got to get to my grandparents”

” Why” she asked?

” i don’t know” i responded and continued looking.

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The man on the train

The man had fought on the top of a train when he was younger.  He and the man he fought had had to flatten themselves down on the train every time then went in a tunnel.  Same rail line, but years ago now. The man still ducked out of a strange PTSD every time they entered a tunnel.


Now a family man he was on the train with his family. He sat by the window with the days paper. He finished then took his family to the dining car. He carried his small daughter as they crossed between cars.  They came to the dining car, and took a seat at a leather cushioned booth.  A computer popped up from the center of the table and they placed their orders on.  In a few minutes their meals came up on elevator.  They ate in silence as they pasted a huge frozen lakes up high in the mountains. 

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